Water Quality

SCMWC uses a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to daily and automatically monitor water quality, including the disinfection process, turbidity, pH, temperature, and water flow.  Our staff reads the data on their cell phones and manually records the results.  Alerts sound whenever values fall outside normal parameters.  Each month these daily values are electronically sent to the State Division of Drinking Water in Carpinteria.  The SCADA system also reports tank levels and whether or not pumps are engaged. At least once a day, our two high-pressure filters are backwashed to maintain optimal function. 

On a monthly basis, samples are taken from three monitoring stations throughout our system and submitted to the Fruit Growers Laboratory (FGL) in Santa Paula for analysis of microbial contamination.  SCMWC and the State are immediately notified if any sample tests positive for microbial presence.  Once a year, the Fruit Growers Lab conducts a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).  SCMWC is required to address any recommendations outlined in the report.  The CCR is a summary of the previous year’s test results, and is available to all shareholders.